Financial Controllership

We assist companies in setting up book of accounts, producing periodic management reporting, with analysis on the results of operations and liquidity of the organisation, compliance reporting and budgeting. The management reports will be your effective tool in making good decision to attain better results.

We assist companies in setting up internal controls and procedures to be adopted, to safeguard the assets, ensure accurate and reliable information, ensure compliance with all financial and operational requirements and generally assist in achieving the business’s objectives.

Internal Financial Controls

It is essential that the company have accurate financial data to drive operations and measure success.   Without the proper internal controls in place, errors, fraud, and other issues can occur, affecting operational efficiency and growth of the organisation.

Sourcing of Funds

A successful business has sufficient funds for its current and future operations. It is crucial to determine when, where, and how to obtain the funds you need. Whether you need to start or expand your business, if you can’t raise the funds you can’t build the business you want.

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