We provide Non-Executive Director as you require. We have highly trained and experienced Directors who can make vital contributions towards organisational culture and sustainable governance of your organisation.

Our Directors have skills and experiences in Finance, Risk & Audit, Governance, Strategic Planning and assist in aligning the direction and intent of the company to its vision and mission.

Director Recruitment

We believe that recruitment of a member of the board is crucial in forming a good and effective board. The screening of candidates for membership should be given due consideration that will determine who will be a good fit for the group.

When we recruit members for the advisory councils, boards, and board committees, we determine your requirements then come up with the recruitment strategy from profiling, advertising, screening, research, due diligence, checking of credentials and hiring. We do recruitment through confidential sourcing or through advertisement.We also do assessment of each individual member as required.

Corporate Governance

We assist the board of directors to foster a good corporate governance with a culture of integrity to achieve their goals, control risks and assuring compliance, leading to positive performance and sustainable business.

Good governance shows to the public that your organisation is well-managed with the relationships among stakeholders, management and board of directors well- aligned.

We provide evaluation of the board and board members. We review the board committees and help in determining the skills and composition necessary for the board. We assist in determining the directors remuneration. We review the business intent and direction, aligning them with the vision of the organisation. We review the board procedures, meetings and documentation.

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